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ARG mourns Sen. Biyi Durojaiye

Afenifere Renewal Group is saddened by the news of the demise of Senator Biyi Durojaiye, which according to reports happened in the early hours of today.

Senator Durojaiye lived a fulfilled life by all known standards of living and we are grateful to God for this.

We are however saddened that his dream for country where there is freedom for all and life more abundant remained unachieved.

Senator Biyi Durojaiye

Sen. Durojaiye committed a substantial part of his adult life and resources in pursuit of a fundamental philosophy of Afenifere which is an egalitarian society - a Nigeria that works for all irrespective of creed or tribe as fundamentally.

He played a very supportive role in the emergence of Afenifere Renewal Group and was unwavering till his demise. Even in his old age, he was constantly engaging us on diverse issues relating to our strategic pursuit.

Senator Durojaiye personified loyalty, forthrightness, and gentleness. You can never catch him in any brawl or cantankerous situation.

We commiserate with his biological and sociopolitical family and pray for the repose of his soul and the preservation of his good legacies.

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