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ARG mourn death of Afenifere leader's daughter, demand appropriate action

Afenifere Renewal Group condemn the murder of Mrs Funke Olakunri, the daughter of our revered leader and father, Pa Ruben Fasoranti.

ARG share in this colossal loss and condole with the bereaved family, especially Pa Fasoranti and Mrs. Olakunrin's nucleus family. This loss is a burden too heavy and a steep price to pay for steadfastly serving this nation and our people.

Mrs. Olakunrin's death at the hands of these savage herdsmen could not but have been part of a grand plan to break the soul of Yorubaland and set the roof on fire. But the fire this time will consume the perpetrators and their collaborators.

ARG therefore challenge the Yoruba governors and the sociopolitical leadership to rise up to the occasion, as it would now seem that the Central government and its clinging to central policing has failed woefully in providing Nigerians the needed security. 

Our governors must realise that they shall be held responsible, individually and collectively, should they fail to prioritise and support one another in securing their people. The time to act is Now.

We dare say that Mrs Olakunrin's is the latest victim of Nigeria's wobbling and ineffective unitary governance structure. The gory stories of kidnapping, maiming, raping and killing that emanate daily from Yoruba land should be stopped by whatever means possible including pursuing the dismantling of this  unworkable Unitary Constitution and replacing it with a truly Federal Constitution.

The time for our governors to stand up on our behalf is now, they can count on the support of our people in their bid to drive out these senseless criminals from our land. It is only by doing this that Mrs. Olakunrin and all those murdered by these beasts would not have died in vain.


Hon. Olawale Oshun

Chairman, Afenifere Renewal Group

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