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ARG celebrates Baba Fasanmi's unblemished political life

Afenifere Renewal Group celebrates the passing of our revered leader, Pa Ayo Fasanmi, a very courageous and unwavering disciple of the Awoism political philosophy.

It gladdens our heart that Baba Fasanmi stayed true to the welfarist political ideology till the end and has now joined the league of our political ancestors whose life is a catalog of wise counsel.

Today, because of the mind-boggling corruption in our public and political space, incorruptibility has become the top virtue we look for in leadership. But the political school of thought that Baba Fasanmi successfully practiced does not even rate incorruptibility as a strong virtue - it is a given. For the disciples of this school of thought, the top virtue of a politician is the ability to implement policies that lift millions out of poverty and create an egalitarian society where there is freedom for all to pursue their ambitions and abundance of life's good things.

This is why we cannot but mourn Baba Fasanmi and continue to miss his absence, even as we continue to work in ARG to ensure his political tribe continues to multiply. Our consolation is that he left us a wonderful legacy that will continue to inspire us on this journey.We, therefore, celebrate him and condole with his biological family, the governors of Osun and Ekiti States, and other political associates. 

Kunle Famoriyo

Publicity Secretary

Afenifere Renewal Group

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